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Water Heaters

A comprehensive guide to water heaters including purchasing, common problems, and DIY repairs.

How To Install A Water Heater
The steps required to install a water heater can be a little different depending on your local building codes.The local building and safety department can tell you what permits and extras are required in your area when you install a water heater.

Hot Water Recirculating System
A hot water recirculating system will allow you to have hot water when you need it. Not only will a hot water recirculating system save time it can save money in the long run.

Water Heater Expansion Tank Information
A water heater expansion tank is designed to help prevent fluctuations in water pressure. The water heater expansion tank serves as an overflow receptacle by absorbing excess water volume that the water heater creates when heating water.

How to Install an Instant Hot Water Recirculating System
An instant hot water recirculating system can be used to provide instant hot water to showers and faucets when it is needed most. Installing a recirculating pump along with a check valve can allow you to have an instant recirculating system without a dedicated hot water recirculating line.

Water Heater Thermal Expansion
Water heater thermal expansion refers to the expansion in volume that happens when water is heated. When water heater thermal expansion creates severe increases in water pressure it can damage plumbing fixtures, damage the water heater and create a safety hazard.

Fix A Leaking Water Heater
Fixing a leaking water heater can range from easy to impossible. Most people think the only solution for a leaking water heater is to replace it the entire unit but some repairs can extend the life of the water heater..

Venting a Water Heater
Venting a water heater properly requires a thorough understanding of the different types of venting that are available. The following is a list standard gas water heaters and the venting they use.

Water Heater Blanket Information
A water heater blanket is one option for water heater insulation that has been available for some time.

Mobile Home Water Heaters
Mobile home water heaters can be quite complicated to replace. It is important to know the facts about mobile home water heaters before you begin.

How To Drain A Water Heater
Most water heater maintenance manuals suggest that you drain a water heater every six months to a year. It is fairly easily to drain a water heater as long as you know what to expect.

Replace A Leaking Water Heater Drain Valve
A leaking water heater drain valve is a common plumbing problem. The best way to fix a leaking water heater drain valve is to replace the valve completely.

How To Turn Off Gas To The Water Heater
Learn how to quickly and safely turn off gas to the water heater if you suspect a gas leak.

Thermocouple Replacement - Fix A Water Heater With A Thermocouple Replacement
Repair a water heater that will not stay lit with a thermocouple replacement.

Tankless Water Heater Overview
Want to learn more about tankless water heaters? This guide covers what they are, how they work, installation, maintenance, and even a buying guide.

Sediment Trap
A sediment trap is required by the Uniform Plumbing Code and it can help prolong the life of your gas water heater.

Maintaining a Hot Water Tank
Maintaining a hot water heater will help lengthen the life span of your tank. With a few simple steps and a little common sense, your tank can last well beyond the average life span of its contemporaries.

Trouble Shooting Common Water Heaters Problems
Water Heaters are pretty basic in design. There are relatively few things that can go wrong with them because of this. This article will help you pin point where the problem is and get you on the way to fixing it.

Advantages of Point of Use Tankless Water Heater
If you have fixtures in your home that have long runs from your water heater you are familiar with waiting for hot water to come out of your tap. This problem can be remedied by a point of use tank. The tankless device should not be confused with a whole house tankless water heater.

Removing A Water Heater
There are several things you should do before removing a water heater for any reason. Begin by checking for permit requirements and confirming the local plumbing and building codes before removing a water heater.

Save Money On Water Heating Costs
You don’t have to replace your water heater to save money on hot water. Take a look at some quick tips to help you save on your home’s hot water expenses.

Buying Guide for Tankless Water Heater
With everyone trying to find ways to "go green" tankless, or instantaneous, water heaters are becoming all the rage. Find out more about buying one and the savings they can bring to your energy bills.

Tips for Saving Money and Energy for a Water Heater
In tough economical times like this, everyone is looking for ways to save money. Here are a few things you can do to cut down on the cost of use for a water heater.

Water Heater Basics
This article gives an overview of how a gas water heater works. Take a look at a standard gas water heater; learn about the most important components, and how they work.

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