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If an old toilet is giving you a lot of trouble you may be thinking about replacing it to solve all of the problems at once. It sound like an easy and neat solution, right? Well, replacing a toilet can definitely be the best option in some cases. A new toilet can take care of many different issues that may not be possible or be too time consuming and costly to repair. Replacing a toilet is also a moderately easy project to do on your own and it doesn’t take a lot of time.

Not every troublesome toilet needs to be replaced, however. In some cases a few repairs will be enough to solve the problem. This list will help you determine whether you need to replace your toilet, how to buy a toilet to fit your needs, and then how to remove the old and install the new toilet.

Why Replace A Toilet

There are a few reasons to replace a toilet. Some are functional like a cracked toilet bowl or tank that is leaking. Maybe, due to wear and tear, all of the working parts are breaking and the fixture needs many individual repairs. Possibly your reasons are strictly cosmetic, such as wanting a new toilet because the old one is stained, worn, and generally an eye sore. Or you may want to change the look of your bathroom. On the other hand there are also situations where replacing a toilet is not necessary. It could be that a few easy and inexpensive repairs will do the trick. Consider both options before you decide whether you should be replacing or repairing your toilet.

Buying A Toilet

After the decision to replace a toilet has been made you can go shopping. It is important to buy the right toilet for your bathroom if your project is to be a success. Not all bathrooms are exactly the same and toilets come in different sizes. Knowing the size of the fixture you need is very important. You can always buy a smaller toilet, but a bigger fixture may not fit when you get it home.

You also need to know a little about the different types of toilets and the features available. There are single flush, dual flush, water saving, various heights toilets just to name a few of the options. Knowing what each different type of toilet has to offer will better enable you to buy the right one for you.

Removing A Toilet

There are various instances when it becomes necessary to remove a toilet. Some plumbing repairs require that the toilet be removed. Other times you will need to remove the toilet to make improvements in the bathroom such as changing the floor or painting. Even if you decide that it is not necessary to replace your toilet all together you may need to remove and reset the existing toilet. Fortunately removing a toilet is not difficult. The process of removing a toilet will usually only take a few minutes if you know where to start and what to do.

Installing A Toilet

The installation of a new toilet is the final step of a toilet replacement project. A toilet installation is an easy project that doesn’t have to take much time to complete if you know what needs to be done. After removing a toilet you can basically follow the same steps in reverse order. There are, however, some key steps and a few tips and tricks that can make the installation easier and ensure that everything works properly when you are done. The last thing you want is to have a new leaking or troublesome toilet after all of the work is done.
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