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Jacuzzi Perfecta Toilet
Jacuzzi is a brand of toilet; not like a jacuzzi tub, so no, it does not have jets. This is a very inexpensive toilet but high in quality at the same time. This toilet uses 1.6 gallons per flush so it is not quite as conservative as a lot of the toilets out there, but it has a great flush. The Perfecta toilet has a round front style seat and comes complete in a box with a plastic seat and wax ring. The toilet trapway size is 2⅛” which is larger than the standard and helps prevent blockages. The Jacuzzi toilet is a tall height toilet and meets ADA requirements.

Inside the tank: The flapper is the 3” flapper which is easily found and replaced. The fill valve is not a name brand but can be changed out to any universal fill valve easily. The toilet handle is Neo-angle meaning it comes out on the angle between the front and left side of the toilet. This type of handle is a little harder to match up by the angle but replacements can still be found at your local home improvement store.

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