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A guide to toilets including common problems, maintenance and repairs.

Hard Water Stains In The Toilet
Hard water stains are very unsightly and often extremely difficult to clean. There are several household products that can effectively remove hard water stains in the toilet without the use of harsh chemicals.

Replacing A Toilet Fill Valve
There are quite a few valve selections when it comes to replacing a toilet fill valve. Replacing a toilet fill valve with the little adjustable anti-siphon toilet fill valve is quick and easy.

Toilet Fill Valves
Most people do not even pay attention to what type of toilet fill valve is in their toilet until it stops working. There are quite a few brands of toilet fill valves out there for flush valve type toilets. The biggest thing to pay attention to is how tall the tank is so you do not get a fill valve that is too tall or too short for your tank.

Toilet Seals
There are many types of toilet seals that you can use when setting a toilet. Take a look at some of the toilet seal choices on the market today.

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Fluidmaster Fill Valve Repair
Fluidmaster fill valves can be repaired by just replacing a seal inside the unit. If your Fluidmaster fill valve is not shutting off all the way or not filling quickly like it did when it was new then replacing or cleaning the seal will most likely fix the problem.

Repair A Leaking Pressure Assisted Toilet
Repair a leaking pressure assisted toilet by replacing the tank to bowl gasket and bolts. The process to repair a leaking pressure assisted toilet is slightly different for a gravity toilet.

How To Unclog A Toilet
Steps for how to unclog a toilet stoppage starting with the easiest method and progressing to more difficult methods for tough stoppages.

Toilet Flush Valve Replacement
A toilet flush valve replacement may be necessary when replacing the flapper and other attempts to repair a running toilet don’t work. With a little care the average handy homeowner can manage a toilet flush valve replacement and save having to buy a whole new toilet.

Tighten A Loose Toilet Seat
Constant lifting, closing, and sitting will eventually result in a loose toilet seat. It is very easy to tighten a loose toilet seat.

How To Replace A Toilet
It does not take long to learn how to replace a toilet yourself. Many people put up with an old or problematic toilet because they don't know how to replace a toilet.

A Cracked Toilet
A cracked toilet is often a confusing plumbing problem because the cracks are not always easy to spot. Leaks from a cracked toilet can come in many shapes and sizes and where the toilet crack is located will determine what action is needed.

Replacement Toilet Caps
Toilet caps are not only decorative elements, they also serve a sanitary purpose. It is easy to lose toilet caps, but fortunately it is very easy to install replacement toilet caps in just minutes.

Installing A Toilet Seat
Installing a toilet seat is a breeze since there are only two bolts that hold the seat onto the toilet bowl. The steps to installing a toilet seat vary slightly depending on the type of mounting.

Setting A Toilet
There are a few key factors to properly setting a toilet that everyone should be aware of. Following these guidelines when setting a toilet will help make sure you get a good seal and do not have to worry about the toilet leaking.

How To Drain A Toilet
How to drain a toilet seems to be a simple question, but the answer is actually somewhat tricky. The method for how to drain a toilet is slightly different if the toilet is stopped up or not.

Dual Flush Water Saving Toilet Options
One of the newest and greatest feature for a water saving toilet is the dual flush system. Replace your existing toilet with a dual flush water saving toilet or convert your toilet with a dual flush conversion kit.

When To Replace A Toilet
Do you know when to replace a toilet if it is giving you trouble? To help you determine when to replace a toilet take a look at some common problems.

Guide To Buying A Toilet
There are a few important things to consider before buying a toilet. Find the right toilet for your bathroom with this guide to buying a toilet.

Replacing A Toilet
A list to help you determine whether you need to replace your toilet, how to buy a new toilet to fit your needs, and then how to remove the old and install the new toilet.

How To Install A Toilet
To install a toilet start by setting the bolts and the wax ring on the toilet flange.

How To Remove A Toilet
How to remove a toilet for a toilet repair or replacement.

How To Unclog A Toilet With A Plunger
A clogged toilet is a very common plumbing problem. Follow these steps to learn how to unclog a toilet with a plunger.

Toilet Auger - How To Use A Toilet Auger
A toilet auger can be used to clear a toilet clog that is too stubborn for a plunger. This guide will show you how to use a toilet auger to clear a clogged toilet.

Toilet Flange Extension - How To Install a Toilet Flange Extension
If your toilet flange is below floor level you will need to install a toilet flange extension before resetting the toilet. This guide will give you instructions for installing a toilet flange extension.

Toilet Fill Valve - How To Replace A Toilet Fill Valve
How to replace a toilet fill valve.

Toilet Flapper - How To Replace A Toilet Flapper
How to replace a toilet flapper.

Diagnose a Running Toilet in 3 Easy Steps
Three easy steps to find the cause for a running toilet.

Toilet Flush Valves
A flush valve is the part inside toilet tank that moves the water into the bowl. Larger toilet flush valves are faster at moving the water resulting in a better flush. Toilet flush valves come in different sizes depending on the manufacturing of the toilet.

Is Your Toilet Rocking?
How to fix a rocking toilet with shims and caulking.

Inside a Gravity Flush Toilet
The gravity flush toilet is the most common toilet design found in homes. With relatively few moving parts and no mechanical parts, repairs are usually simply and in expensive.

Setting or Resetting a Toilet
Don't call a plumber to reset a leaking toilet. Do it yourself and save some money. The same technique can be used to set a new toilet as well.

Inside a Pressure-Assisted Toilets
Pressure-assisted toilets are not common in many house holds. This article examines how they work and some of the pros and cons of a pressure-assisted toilet.

Cleaning Toilet Jets
This article looks at the two main elements that clog toilets, bacteria and mineral deposits, and how to clean them.

Unclogging a Toilet Trap
This article explains how to unclog a toilet trap. There are two methods used to do this. Using a plunger or if the blockage is more sever, using a toilet auger.

Flange Extender Closes Gap Caused By New Flooring
While installing a new floor in the bathroom might change the look of the room, it can cause havoc when resetting the toilet. This is because the new floor will raise the toilet off the floor further from the original toilet flange. Luckily, flange extenders or riser rings can be used to close this gap and allow for a tight seal.

Switching a Toilet and Sinks Position
Whether you feel your bathroom is laid out poorly or just want to change things up a bit, switching a toilet and sinks position is not an impossible task. However, moving drain and water lines will be necessary.

Tower Style Flush Valve Seal
Tower style toilets have a flush valve seal to keep water in the tank instead of a flapper. The good thing is that a tower flush valve seal is as easy to change as a flapper.

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