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How To Fix A Leaky Shower


A leaky shower can often be fixed with a simple repair. The first thing to do when fixing a leaky shower is to figure out the brand of your shower valve. Although most shower valves are fairly similar each brand is just different enough to make repairing them a brand specific project.

Here are some common shower brands and how to repair them when they are leaking.

Mixet Shower

A Mixet shower handle
Aaron Stickley
Mixet shower valves are a very common type of shower valve. They are also very easy and inexpensive to fix when they wear out.

Moen Shower - Pressure Balanced Valve

Moen shower valve
Aaron Stickley
A Moen shower valve cartridge contains the various working parts that can go bad with time so replacing it can solve various problems. The pressure balanced shower valves balance incoming hot and cold water and keep the temperature within a few degrees of the original temperature despite demands of a flushing toilet,running dishwasher, or other uses of the water supply while your taking your shower.

Valley Shower - Single Handle

Valley shower valve
Aaron Stickley
Single handle Valley shower valves are relatively common and the repair parts are, therefore, not hard to find. The first repair to try is to replace the seats and springs inside the valve. If this does not repair the leak the next thing to do is to replace the cartridge.
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