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Install A Shower Valve


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Install A Shower Valve
Clean copper pipe
Aaron Stickley
To install a shower valve you first need to remove the old valve (see replacing a shower valve). Next, be a clean freak: with the old valve out of the way the first step is to make sure the copper is clean. Sand off the copper pipes and make sure they are clean and free of solder and burs.

In my situation where I had to cut the copper very close to the old valve so that the new valve would fit there was a lot of solder on the pipes. This can either be filed off or you can heat up the copper and wipe off the blotches of solder with a dry rag when it runs. Careful not to burn yourself when you do it this way and have a spray bottle and fire extinguisher handy whenever you use the torch. Finish by sanding off any remaining solder and making sure it’s clean all the way around the pipes.

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