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Installing A Curved Shower Rod


Curved shower rod
Aaron Stickley
Installing a curved shower rod is an easy and quick bathroom upgrade. A curved shower rod adds just a few extra inches of space but it can make the shower seem quite a bit roomier. This easy project requires only a handful of tools and about thirty minutes to complete.

Most curved shower rods come with mounting screws and anchors for various mounting situations. If there isn’t already a screw-in shower rod in place the first thing to do is to determine what type of anchor you’ll need.

  1. First determine whether there are studs in the right place behind the shower walls. If the existing shower rod was screwed into the wall you’ll be able to see what mounting was used and may be able to reuse one or more of the mounting holes.

  2. Mark the location of the mounting holes on the wall. Use the template included with the new shower rod or the mounting bracket to mark the location of the mounting holes. Make sure the holes are level before marking or drilling. Note: If mounting the curved shower rod above a shower surround be sure to allow enough space between the mounting bracket and the shower surround for the decorative escutcheon plates.

  3. Drill the mounting holes to the size indicated on the shower rod mounting instructions. Push mounting anchors into the holes as needed.

  4. Position the mounting bracket on the wall matching it up to the mounting holes, insert the screws and screw it into place.

  5. Slide the decorative plates onto the shower rod before positioning the rod onto the second mounting plate.

  6. For an adjustable curved shower rod you can screw the second mounting bracket into place and then extend the shower rod to meet the mounting bracket. For a fixed length shower rod you’ll need to insert the mounting bracket onto the end of the shower rod and then position the bracket on the wall and screw it into place.

  7. Slide the escutcheon plates to the ends of the shower rod and snap them into place. On an adjustable shower rod you also need to slide the plastic seam connector into place where the two halves of the shower rod meet in the middle. That’s all there is to it.

Another project that can make your shower feel more spacious is a shower arm extension.
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