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Waxman Consumer Group Mini Pro Plunger

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Waxman Consumer Group Mini Pro Plunger Steve Hallo

The Bottom Line

The price is unbeatable. For $2.00 this mini plunger is perfect for clearing slow sink drains. Unfortunately, the small size does limit the uses of the product. It wouldn't clear tougher clogs and is impossible to use in toilets. However, if you have a habitually slow draining lavatory sink, this product would be unbeatable.


  • The small size allows the plunger to fit in even the most cramped cabinets.
  • The rubber seat creates a tight seal around the drain opening.
  • The deep cup maximizes pressure to force a clog free.
  • The Mini Pro only costs $2.00. It's hard to beat that price


  • The 7-inch height doesn't give much clearence, leaving the users hand in potential dirty water.
  • The size limits the plungers ability to force more resilient clogs.


  • Height: A little over 7-inches
  • Weight: Less then a pound
  • Features a rubber lip at the bottom of the large cup to ensure a tight seal.
  • A large grip feels comfortable in hand and gives the user good control while plunging.

Guide Review - Waxman Consumer Group Mini Pro Plunger

The Waxman Consumer Group's Mini Pro Plunger is specifially designed for sink and tub drains. While it may not be quite enough to clear out tougher clogs, it is more then able to handle a slow draining kitchen or bath sink. It's ability to clear a tub drain is questionable.

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