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Install A Yard Water Hydrant


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Install A Yard Water Hydrant
Install a water hydrant
Aaron Stickley
Yard water hydrants are a great way to beat the freeze and still have water in the yard where you need it. No draining is required with a yard water hydrant because they drain themselves and keep the water out of the standpipe so the cold can not get to them. With summer coming this is a great project to make watering easier and the water source closer to get to. Eliminate the 200 feet of hose and install a yard water hydrant where you need the water most.

Installing a water hydrant is easy if there is already an existing water supply at that location. If a water supply is not available then you need to get one out to where the yard water hydrant needs to be. The connection end of most yard hydrants is 3/4 inch so count on running the line in 3/4” or 1” and then reducing down if need be that way you get plenty of water. For this project I chose a location for my yard water hydrant near some in ground sprinkler valves. I knew there would be water there and I could cut a tee into the PVC for the water source. Finding water in the area where you want the yard water hydrant is a good idea because it can save a lot of digging or trenching.

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