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Frost Free Yard Hydrant Repair


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Frost Free Yard Hydrant Repair
A leaking yard hydrant
Aaron Stickley
If your frost free yard hydrant is dripping it should be repaired quickly before it freezes. Many times the rubber seal will harden and crack over the years. When the seal begins to fail the normal methods of shutting off the hydrant will not work. Often a yard hydrant repair involves replacing the broken seal that is causing the leak.

There are many types of yard hydrants each with slightly different components. Each hydrant brand offers a hydrant repair kit for their product. To begin a yard hydrant repair it is important to get the repair kit for the hydrant brand that you have.

The brand name should be on the top of the hydrant. Call your local home improvement store, hardware store, and/or plumbing supply house and find out who carries repair parts for the yard hydrant you have. Sometimes this may require ordering the part online.

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