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Garbage Disposals

Learn all about garbage disposals from purchasing, installation, repairs, and maintenance.

Leaking Garbage Disposal
A leaking garbage disposal is something you might run across from time to time. With a little detective work and troubleshooting you can repair a leaking garbage disposal and save money.

Cleaning A Garbage Disposal
Cleaning a garbage disposal regularly can help keep the kitchen drains clear and prevents foul odors. There are several very easy methods for cleaning a garbage disposal using household items.

How to Install a Garbage Disposal

Troubleshooting a Garbage Disposer
Troubleshooting a garbage disposer can be fairly straightforward. Don’t rush to replace the disposer because troubleshooting a garbage disposer could save you some money and time.

Garbage Disposal Buying Guide
There are several important elements to consider when selecting a garbage disposal. Not all garbage disposals work the same so it is a good idea to consider all the options.

Remove A Garbage Disposal - How To Remove A Garbage Disposal
Step by step instructions for how to remove a garbage disposal.

How To Replace a Garbage Disposer
Is it time to replace that old garbage disposer? Follow along with these step by step instructions on how to do it yourself.

Unjamming Your a Garbage Disposal Unit
A step-by-step guided on how to unjam a garbage disposal unit. All the tools required come with the disposal unit.

Items That Shouldn't Go In a Garbage Disposal
Throughout the ages, people have used the garbage disposal to rid the kitchen of slimy, sticky and stinky things. Despite what you may have heard, not everything can go into a garbage disposal. Here's a few common items that should stay out of the garbage disposal.

Keeping Your Garbage Disposal Running Problem Free
Garbage disposals are the last thing on most people's minds, until they stop working. With a little care and a few easy steps, you can keep your garbage disposal unit running at an optimum level.

Tips for Raising a Garbage Disposal
Raising the garbage disposal on to its mounting harness,while trying to make the connections, is by the far the most difficult part of the instillation process. Using this tip will make the whole process much easier.

Wiring a Garbage Disposer to a Switch
If you need to install or replace a switch for your garbage disposer learn how with this easy to follow guide.

Installing a Switch for a Garbage Disposal
Wiring a garbage disposal is a relatively straight forward process as far as the unit end is concerned. Connecting it to a switch is another story. Learn more about the correct way to power a garbage disposal unit.

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