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Leak Around The Base Of The Faucet
Leak at the base of faucet
Aaron Stickley
A leak around the base of the faucet is not quite as obvious. People wash their hands and then turn the faucet off usually leaving water to drip on the handle and around the top of the faucet and sink area. This makes a leak hard to identify because of the excess water. If this area of the faucet leaks it will usually only be when the faucet is turned on.

To check for a leak at the base of the faucet you will need to start by drying up all of the standing water. Then turn both handles on (or if it is a single handle faucet turn it in both directions) and see if water leaks around the faucet or at the top of the sink area.

A leak like this will usually be caused by an o-ring that has dried up or a worn out stem or cartridge. To repair the leak you can change out the o-ring or the stem or cartridge.

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