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How To Install A Kitchen Soap Dispenser


Kitchen soap dispenser Aaron Stickley
Are you tired of seeing your dish soap bottle on the kitchen counter? Many people are installing built-in soap dispensers to clean up the counter top while still keeping the dish soap handy. Soap dispensers come in many styles and finishes to match the faucet. Some faucet kits even include a matching soap dispenser.

Installing a built-in soap dispenser can be a very easy DIY project, especially if your kitchen sink has an extra hole for it.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 15 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Put the top pump and escutcheon on the top side of the sink with either the foam or rubber washer it came with to seal the top portion.

    Note: If your dispenser did not come with a washer I recommend using some plumbers putty. This will ensure no water can leak from the top of the sink when the soap dispenser gets wet.

  2. Make sure to center the soap dispenser. A lot of times the hole is larger than the housing of the soap dispenser and this leaves you some room to center it as you like.
  3. From under the sink install the nut and hand tighten to keep it in place. Before you tighten all the way double check the position of the soap dispenser on top of the sink. Use a pair of pliers or a basin wrench to tighten just slightly more than hand tight.
  4. Screw the soap bottle the soap dispenser came with into the housing from under the sink. This needs to be just less than hand tight.
  5. Now you can fill the dispenser with soap by lifting straight up on the soap pump to remove it and pouring the soap in from the top. Use a small funnel to help get the soap in the opening if necessary.
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