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An under sink water filter is a great way to have clean water at your fingertips, save money on bottled water, and help the environment by reducing the number of bottles that end up in the landfills. If you buy bottled water, or dislike the taste of your tap water do yourself a favor and put in an under sink water filter.

When selecting an under sink water filter the first thing to consider is what you want to take out of the water. The range of filtration needs can be from a simple unappealing taste to harmful chemicals. You may start by getting a water test to see what it is that is making the water taste funny. Check with your water company to see if they provide a testing service or if they publish a routine report. Alternatively, there are test kits available at local home improvement store or on the internet.

If the tap water is already of pretty good quality but you want a chlorine and sediment filter to improve the taste then a small 1 or 2 stage water filter may be all that is needed. If the water needs a little more work then you might consider a 3 stage water filter that can take much more out of the water giving you a much improved flavor and quality.

For the best in under sink water filters you may consider a reverse osmosis system. R.O. units can filter more out of the water than basically anything else on the market. A small list of things you can remove with reverse osmosis systems includes Arsenic, Chloride, Copper, Iron, Lead, Mercury 2, Sodium and much more.

Things to consider when selecting an under the sink water filter:

  1. Check customer reviews: Checking what other customers have to say about filters and systems that you are considering is always helpful. You may be able to disregard a few comments but the majority consensus about a product is usually a good indicator. Customer feedback, good or bad, are a good starting point.

  2. Cost: Cost is always a consideration when installing a plumbing fixture. Who wants to spend a bundle when you can get a great under sink water filter that meets your needs for less. Compare prices with features and get the most for your money.

  3. Ease of installation: Does it come with all the parts required for installation? Will it require a professional plumber to install or will you be able to do it yourself. Most units come complete in a box and are easy to install but it is always best to know what you are getting into before you begin.

  4. Space and compatibility: Do you have the room under your sink for the under the sink water filter that you are considering? Do you have a spot for the faucet above the sink? Is the filter compatible with other fixtures and appliances that are already in use such as a hot water dispenser or refrigerator ice maker? If you have limited space under the kitchen sink or you have to connect to existing fixtures it may be necessary to consider a smaller or different unit. Lead, Mercury 2, Sodium and much more.

  5. Residual cost: For an under sink water filter to be a good consistent source of water you need to change the filters regularly, so the cost of upkeep should be considered. How much are the replacement filters? How often will you have to change them? How difficult is it to get replacement cartridges? Sometimes the replacement filters can cost almost as much as the original unit, so knowing what the maintenance costs are ahead of time can help you make a decision between units.

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