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An under mount kitchen sink
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Configuration – There are configuration options when you are selecting a sink. When making your selection keep in mind the size of the existing cabinet size and counter opening. Also, if you have a particular faucet style in mind ensure that it will work with the sink you choose.

Kitchen Sink Configuration Options:

  • Size – The sink cabinet will determine the maximum size of your sink. If you are replacing a sink and keeping your countertop you should buy one that is the same size. Aside from these two limitations there is a range of sink sizes to choose from.
  • Number of Bowls – There are single, double, and triple bowl sinks available to choose from. While double bowl sinks are the most common consider whether a single or triple bowl sink will better serve your typical kitchen activities.
  • Bowl Orientation – Double and triple bowl sinks can have various configurations to serve different purposes. Equal sized double bowl sinks are the most common. You can however, select bowls of unequal size for various activities.
  • Bowl Depth – Bowl depth is another consideration when selecting a sink. This again is up to personal preference and depends on the typical kitchen activities that need to be served. Bowl depths generally average between 8 and 10 inches.
  • Number of Holes – Sink holes, or tappings, are needed for the faucet and sink accessories. Kitchen sinks can have between 1 to 5 tappings for accessory installation. When selecting a sink count how many holes will be needed to install the faucet, air gap and accessories like soap dispenser, spray hose, water filter, and hot water dispenser. Keep in mind that extra holes can be covered up but making additional holes is not that easy.
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