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Snake A Bathroom Sink Drain


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Snake The Drain
Snake bathroom sink drain
Aaron Stickley
With the trap and trap arm removed you can access the drain pipe to snake the bathroom sink drain. To run the drain snake position the snake and yourself close to the opening of the drain pipe. For a bathroom sink drain should not have any problem using a top snake unless it is a particularly tough clog.

Using appropriate gloves insert the end of the snake cable into the drain pipe and feed the cable into the drain pipe slowly while keeping firm pressure on it as the machine runs. Let the snake do the work of clearing the clog.

If there is another sink directly behind the one you are snaking take care that the snake goes down the wall instead of across to the other sink trap. How far the snake needs to run into the pipe depends on where the clog is. Usually 10’ is more than enough for a bathroom sink drain because the pipes will tie into the nearby toilet before going outside.

Tips when snaking your drain:

  • Make sure your snake it close to the drain. The more slack you have the harder it will be to control. This can be hard because of the limited space but the closer you keep the snake to the drain the less chance there is of the cable tangling up.
  • Keep a rag handy and clean off the cable as you pull it back. The sludge that the snake can come back with can make a big mess in the bathroom and cleaning the cable as it comes back will save you some cleanup.
  • Small power snakes can be cheap to buy and can be rented for as low as $25 dollars for a few hours. Also the snake drums that can be hooked up to a power drill are very reasonable to buy.
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