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How To Install A Sink Drain


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Lower The Drain If Necessary
Lowering a sanitary tee
Aaron Stickley
If you find that the existing drain is not low enough to accommodate the sink depth it may be necessary to open the wall and lower the sanitary tee (or santee) in the wall. After installing the sink measure the drain height again to ensure there is enough space. The general height to aim for is somewhere between 12 and 13” from the floor or base of cabinet. This height will allow plenty of room for deep sinks and a large garbage disposer. Keep in mind that the drain height needs to leave enough room to remove the trap and clean it out if necessary in the future.

If it is necessary to lower the santee it is a good idea to wait to glue or tighten the fittings. Leaving them loose will allow movement and adjustments as you install the other parts of the sink drain.

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