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Water Shut Off Valve Types


Shutting off the water is often the first step of many plumbing projects. Locating and turning off the appropriate water shut off valve is therefore, very important. Aside from knowing where to shut off the water knowing a little about each time of water shut off valve is also a good idea.

Angle Stop Valves

Angle stop valve
Aaron Stickley
Angle stop valves are the most common stop valves found under the kitchen and bathroom sinks.

Straight Stop Valves

Straight stop valve
Aaron Stickley
There are some situations where straight stop valves are a better option for shutting the water off at a fixture. One example of a good use for a straight stop valve is when the pipes come in through the floor instead of the wall like in mobile home plumbing.

Compression Stop Valve

A compression valve
Aaron Stickley
A compression stop valve is one of the easiest and quickest water shut off valves to install when your house has copper piping. It is always a good idea to replace fixture stop valves whenever you install new fixtures such as a toilet or faucet. A compression stop valve will go onto copper pipes easily so add them to your shopping list the next time you change a fixture.

Stop And Waste Valve

Stop and waste valve
Aaron Stickley
A stop and waste valve is a key irrigation fitting to help keep sprinkler lines free from freezing in the winter. The stop and waste valve is turned on and off with a meter key and when it is in the off position it will automatically drain any water in the line.

Gate Valve

A gate valve describes the mechanism by which the valve is opened and closed. To turn a gate valve on or off a circular handle is turned raising or lowering a metal gate. When the valve is off the gate blocks the flow of water.

Ball Valve

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