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Plumbing Basics

General plumbing information including terms, tools and other basics. In this section you’ll find a wide range of plumbing information basics and do-it-yourself tips. Topics include plumbing tools, terms, safety guidelines, general tips and frequently asked questions.
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Low Water Pressure
Low water pressure can be caused by a number of issues in the home’s plumbing. These issues can sometimes be resolved fairly easily, but first you will have to find the cause of the low water pressure.

How To Solder Copper Pipe
With a little preparation it isn’t difficult to solder copper pipe. Once you have all the tools these steps can show you how solder copper pipe.

Saddle Valve
A saddle valve is a quick and easy way add a water supply line without soldering, gluing, or screwing on new valves or tees. Most saddle valves work on copper, brass, aluminum, and plastic tubing and can be used for many different applications in plumbing.

Installing PEX Tubing
Installing PEX does not require glue or soldering, instead it uses fittings that require cinch clamps or copper crimp rings that hold the pipe onto the fittings. PEX tubing is a great choice when running water to new fixtures, remodeling, or even repiping.

List of Pipes Used for Plumbing

Fixing a Leaking Black Poly Pipe
Fixing a leaking black poly pipe consists of locating the leak (not always as easy as it sounds) and installing a barbed repair fitting or a union.

What Are B.T.Us and How Do They Affect Plumbing?
Heaters, ranges, water heaters, and air conditioners all use B.T.U’s as a measure of power or energy used by the appliance. The bigger the house the larger the B.T.U. load is required for gas appliances like the heater and water heater.

Flex Lines
Using flex lines is the best way to connect fixtures to the water supply. Flex lines can be made of various materials and they come with everything needed for installation.

Water Alarm
Even a slow leak can cause significant damage to the surrounding area. A water alarm can be installed in out of the way places to alert you at the first sign of a leak.

Under Sink Shut Off Valves
When it comes time to shut off water to a sink or toilet you may find that you have to replace the shut off valve because it doesn't work as it should. Identifying which type of shut off valve you have is the first step.

Dewinterize A House
It is necessary to dewinterize a house to reverse winterizing on a house that has been empty during the cold season. To dewinterize a house that was winterized by a professional service sometimes it is easier to just have them come back and reverse the process.

Flexible Water Supply Lines
Flexible water supply lines are very useful for connecting the water supply to a plumbing fixture.

Test Water Pressure
It’s a good idea to test water pressure in the home a couple of times a year. It is easy and quick to test water pressure with an inexpensive pressure gauge.

Types of Pipes Used for Water
There are quite a few different types of pipe that are used for plumbing. Find out a few basics about the different types of pipes and their appropriate usage.

Water Hammer Arrester
Water hammer is caused by the sudden stop or change in direction of water flow. Installing a water hammer arrester at the source can stop an annoying water hammer.

Copper Repair
Learn how to do a copper repair to fix a leaking or broken copper pipe.

Pressure Booster Pump
A pressure booster pump can be used to increase the pressure of the water coming into the house. If you have really low water pressure installing a pressure booster pump could be the solution you have been looking for.

Heat Tape
Heat tape can be a lifesaver in cold climates when water lines are exposed to freezing temperatures. There are a few different types of heat tape that can be used on water lines.

Tools For Soldering Copper Pipe
It really pays to be prepared when soldering copper pipe. To help you get ready here is a list of tools you’ll need when soldering copper pipe.

What Is Hard Water?
What is hard water and what, if anything, should you do about it? Hard water is a common concern for many homeowners so it is important to know how it can affect household plumbing.

Water Pipe Insulation
Water pipe insulation is one of the primary ways to winterize plumbing in the home. Water pipe insulation can prevent frozen or broken pipes in areas where winter temperatures reach freezing.

Capping A Water Pipe
Capping a water pipe is often necessary during a renovation. Capping a water pipe is quick and easy with push on fittings.

Water Pressure Regulator
A water pressure regulator is a plumbing valve that reduces the water pressure coming from the main water line into the house. Take a look at some frequently asked questions about water pressure regulator valves.

Push Fit Fittings
The popularity of push fit fittings has a lot to do with their ease of use and versatility. The speed of making a connection with push fit fittings is perhaps the biggest advantage to this type of fitting.

Dual Outlet Angle Stop Valve
Changing a regular angle stop into a dual outlet angle stop can provide a connection for an extra water supply line. A dual outlet angle stop valve can be useful for a water filtration system and many other uses.

Winterize Outside Faucets
Winterize outside faucets in a few easy steps. When you winterize outside faucets using a hose bib cover is a great way to protect and insulate fixtures.

Plumbing Safety Basics
Plumbing safety basics can help you to avoid injury and complete your projects successfully. These plumbing safety do’s and don’ts should be followed when doing any project whether big or small.

Water Shut Off Valve Types
Locating and turning off the appropriate water shut off valve is very important. Knowing a little about each time of water shut off valve is also a good idea.

Home Water Pressure Problems
Home water pressure problems may present themselves if different ways. If your home water pressure is low then the first thing to do is to narrow down the cause.

Common Plumbing Problems And How To Fix Them
Some of the most common plumbing problems are also quite easy to fix. Doing the repairs for these common plumbing problems yourself can save you hundreds of dollars.

Installing A Compression Valve
A compression valve is one of the easiest and quickest shut off valves to install if you have copper piping in your house. Replacing a compression valve will help insure that it will work when you need it.

How To Thaw Frozen Pipes
Quick action to thaw frozen pipes can help minimize or prevent damage to pipes. The following steps can effectively thaw frozen pipes.

Plumbing Maintenance Checklist
Regular plumbing maintenance can keep your home’s plumbing system working properly. This plumbing maintenance checklist can help you stay organized.

Basic Plumbing - 3 Things You Should Know
Before starting any do it yourself plumbing projects there are some basic plumbing safety guidelines you should know. These three guides can give you a good start towards a successful diy plumbing project.

Checklist To Winterize Plumbing In The Home
Frozen water in pipes can be inconvenient at best and destructive at worst. As a good preventive measure get ready for winter with this winterize plumbing checklist.

Where To Shut Off The Water
Whether you are trying to stop a leak or tackling a DIY plumbing project you’ll need to start by shutting off the water supply. Take a look at the 3 ways to shut off the water.

Shut Off Gas - 3 Places To Shut Off Gas In The Home
Learn the 3 locations where you can shut off gas in the home in case of an emergency.

How To Turn Off The Gas Meter
How to turn off the gas at the gas meter in an emergency or when you suspect a gas leak.

Quick Tip - Spend $5 to Save Hundreds
Prevent water damage with this quick project. Spend $5 in material to save hundreds on repairs later.

Water Softener Systems
There are various types of water softener systems to choose from. Deciding which of the many water softener systems is right for you can be overwhelming without some background information.

Gas Leak - Signs Of A Gas Leak
Knowing the signs of a gas leak is an important safety precaution everyone should take. Learn what a gas leak in or around the home might look like.

Save Water
Lowering your household water usage is an excellent way to be environmentally friendly and save money. These tips can show you how.

Know Thy Exhaust Fan
While often over looked and almost always misused, the exhaust fan is an integral part to any bathroom. It's time to clear the air about the real uses of that little fan atop your bathroom.

Estimating Bathroom Remodel Costs
It's difficult to give a fast and ready number when doing any home remodeling job, especially with plumbing. A plumber can never know what might be inside your wall until they opening it up. This article will, however, give you a good idea of what it might cost you.

Plumbing Pipe Materials
There are a lot of choices in materials to use when it comes to plumbing. Some are more commonly used then others. Whether it be PVC, galvinized or rigid copper, find out the pluses and minus of each.

Test For Hard Water
Hard water can be the source of some common plumbing problems. This simple test for hard water can help you determine if you have hard water in your home.

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