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Installing A Water Softener


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Installing A Water Softener
Water softener systems
Aaron Stickley
Installing a water softener is often the most complete and common solution for treating hard water in the home. The first step to installing a water softener is selecting a location for the unit. The water softener needs to be positioned so that it can tie into the water supply at a place that will allow soft water into the house but not through to the outside hose connections because softened water could kill the plants (check the unit’s instructions for the recommended uses of the softened water).

The unit location should also give you access to: an electrical outlet for the power and a drain for water discharge.

Test the hardness of the water before installing a water softener. Knowing how hard the water is ahead of time will help you set the softener on settings and it could help you decide which water softener system is right for you.

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