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How To Shut Off Gas To The Stove


Gas valve to stove Aaron Stickley
A gas stove is a common enough appliance so it is very easy to forget that it can present a fire hazard in the home. With any gas appliances it is important to know where to shut off the gas so you can act quickly if you suspect a gas leak.

Should there be any reason you need to shut off the gas to your stove follow these steps to make sure you do it safely.

  1. Pull the stove slowly out away from the wall to gain access to the gas valve. As you move the stove, keep an eye on the gas pipe. You don’t want to move the gas pipe by pulling the stove out too far or too quickly.
  2. Locate the gas valve handle and turn it a ¼” turn until it stops. When it is turned off the handle will be cross ways from the path of the pipe.
  3. Turn on one of the burners to check that the gas is turned off.
If you still smell gas you should shut off the gas at the meter and call the gas company.

Stove Safety Tips

  • Keep the stove top clean because the buildup of grease can create a fire hazard.
  • Do not use your stove to heat your home. It is not designed for that purpose and you not only risk starting a fire but also carbon monoxide poisoning.
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