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Appliance Hook-ups

Dishwashers, ice makers and stoves all require some plumbing hook up. Here you’ll find out about common problems and solutions, as well as maintenance of appliance plumbing
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  4. Washing Machine (3)

Installing A Water Softener
Installing a water softener is often the most complete and common solution for treating hard water in the home. The first step to installing a water softener is selecting a location for the unit.

Misting Fan
An outdoor misting fan is a good way to stay cool while outdoors during the summer. Misting fans are basically a fan with an attached misting system.

Refrigerator Water Line
A dedicated refrigerator water line can be a convenient way to have filtered water and an automatic ice maker. Take a look at various options for connecting a refrigerator water line.

Changing A Refrigerator Water Filter
Changing a refrigerator filter on newer refrigerators is quick and easy. Changing a refrigerator filter regularly can help ensure you have great tasting water and ice.

Water Softener Systems
There are various types of water softener systems to choose from. Deciding which of the many water softener systems is right for you can be overwhelming without some background information.

Installing An Over The Range Microwave
Installing an over the range microwave is an fairly easy do it yourself project. Installing an over the range microwave is a good way to save space and update the look of your kitchen.

Ice Maker Water Line
Running an ice maker water line can be an easy job for the do it yourselfer. Adap-A-Tees are easy and quick to install and they provide the extra water supply for an ice maker water line.

How To Shut Off Gas To The Stove
Knowing where the gas stove shut off valve is and how to turn it off is an important safety measure. Learn how to quickly shut off the gas to the stove if you suspect a gas leak.

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