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Don't Let A Clogged Kitchen Sink Get You Down

By May 9, 2012

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One very common plumbing problem is a clogged kitchen sink. Since sinks get so much use they can easily become clogged. Fortunately clearing a clogged kitchen sink can be easy if you know what to do.

There are a maximum of four steps to clearing a kitchen sink clog. I usually suggest starting with a plunger because many clogs can be easily cleared this way. The reason to not use drain cleaner first is because if it doesn't work you will end up disconnecting the pipes with all of that drain cleaner in them. And what a mess that is!

For more on sink plunging and the other three ways to clear a kitchen sink, take a look at how to unclog a kitchen sink.


April 11, 2013 at 2:28 pm
(1) Martha says:

I have tried everything that you have suggested for 8 weeks now I have plunged , removed all pipes under sink, snaked, bladdered, clothes hanger wire, hot water and every chemical known to man as well as the famous vinegar & baking soda…..nothing works….funny thing it’s only my kitchen sink that won’t drain everything else is fine……I had this unclogged by a proffessional plumber 2 yrs ago and this is fairly new plumbing…..so what now?

April 13, 2013 at 9:53 pm
(2) plumbing says:

What size (cable length & diameter) of drain snake did you use when snaking the drain? It could be that the clog is further down the drain pipe and the machine you used could not reach it. The fact that no other drains in the home are affected is a good indication that it isn’t a main line clog but the stoppage can still be a ways back in the line. If you have a good source for a longer snake cable (a machine rental perhaps) you could try going out further. Since this sink was successfully unclogged by a plumber in the past it may be easier to call that plumber back. I’d hate for you to rent or buy a longer snake and still not be able to clear it. If you do call the plumber you may want to ask how far out the clog was so you know in the future what length of cable is required.

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